The Joy of Growing Up

What does it mean to be an adult? Seriously, are there any bona fide grown ups out there, who exemplify adulting?

I’ve been contemplating adulthood a lot this year. At 31, I feel less sure of anything than ever before. I currently lack all the acceptable outward expressions of maturity – a career, a house, a marriage, children. Without any of these things, what have I got to prove I’m a grown up? Why is this something I feel I need to prove at all? 

Can I claim to be an adult just because I meet the age requirement? Or is it determined by my choices and actions? Who gets to decide?

What if growing up is actually about becoming comfortable with uncertainty, about being able to admit all we don’t know, and we’re figuring everything out as we go? What if it’s realising that all the milestones we’re trying to check off to know we’re adulting right is just us playing pretend, and in truth we’re timeless – a child, a teenager, an adult all at once?


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