The Joy of Living Fresh


“Be fresh” is a term that gets used a lot in my family. This doesn’t mean regularly applying deodorant. It’s about following what arises for you now. Dropping all plans, throwing out your to-do lists, and getting quiet enough to hear inside what you really want. Then giving yourself that. Right now. It’s allowing yourself to act on how you feel in this moment. Be spontaneous. Maybe in the next moment you’ll change your mind, do something different or completely contradictory. It’s all good. In the time zone of freshness everything is flexible, adaptable, accepting. You are free.

Sometimes it takes real courage to give yourself permission to do what you want, instead of what you should. It can be a real effort just to make space for yourself to listen inside to what is true. The anatomy of modern life can definitely make it seem like an impossible dream or selfish act.

I give myself a hard time about not having much going on apart from work. No other commitments – a partner, kids, special interest groups. But I’m starting to see what a blessing it is. My time, outside my job, belongs to me. I can do what I feel like when I feel like it. Inadvertently, I’ve designed my week nights and weekends so I can practice being fresh. I’ve made it really easy for myself to learn how; it’s only me making demands on myself.

There are dirty dishes on the bench. Weeds growing in the garden. Friends to arrange catch ups with. Am I feeling it?

Naaaaaaaah. I just want to lie on my couch in the afternoon sun and listen to music right now.


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