The Joy of Realising You Are Happy

Bird KnowsThere are so many problems.

It seems like a complicated mathematical equation,

adding and subtracting all the reasons why

you aren’t happy.

Too much of this,

too little of that.

Maybe in time you’ll get it

like it’s a prize only patience can win.

Or maybe if you work hard enough at it,

apply the SMART rules,

you’ll finally achieve what’s been your new year resolution for the past 10 years;

tick it off your bucket list.

Maybe you’ll discover it

in a rainforest, on a mountain top or while walking across the Sahara desert

and you can draw a map for your friends.

Don’t you laugh at yourself then

when you find yourself standing in the sunshine

smiling at nothing in particular but with gratitude for everything specifically

and you see how you’ve been setting yourself up.

Nothing needs to be done.

No solutions are needed.

You are what you were searching for.

Doesn’t it feel good?


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