The Joy of Hindsight

Sand Dunes“We spend all this time and energy searching for the answers to our happiness outside of ourselves. But we already know everything we need to know. The answer is within us. It’s just a shame it’s usually the quietest of whispers – sometimes you really have to strain to hear.” A friend of mine said this to me during a conversation a while back. It has stuck with me ever since.

Today, I found four poems I wrote in the last few months of my relationship. I knew but I wasn’t hearing myself.

Be With Me

Be with me


hold my hand

give me your patience

I am trying

to be.


I am so hungry

for comfort of the spirit

for language my heart can understand

for clarity I can see.

Love Part I

I think you know the answer

and are just as afraid

of it

as I am.

Love Part II

I think we both know

change must be radical

we must be radical

otherwise everything

will remain the same,


and neither of us can

breathe in such a small



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