The Joy of the Journey

Garden Gate

Old Cromwell Town, Central Otago, NZ

Sun speckled path

Wooden beams of an old historic bridge

Napier, NZ

Wild Berries

Cape Kidnappers, NZ

NZ Fern

The road that winds around Clyde Dam, Central Otago, NZ


Old historic bridge

Another year begins!

One of my favourite things to do is to get in the car and take a drive. Good company, good weather, good tunes on the stereo and a full tank of gas. It’s even better when there’s no particular destination in mind and no hurry to get there. It’s just about seeing where the road takes you and enjoying the journey.

I clocked up a lot of miles in 2013, both literally and figuratively, and have already travelled more in 2014.

I’m uncertain about what’s going to happen this year with some aspects of my life. Every time we round a corner and I think I can see the route ahead, another turn appears.

With no map or familiar landmarks, I have moments when I feel a little anxious about where I’ll end up and what I’ll come across along the way. But mostly I’m excited. Once again, I get to test my navigation skills and my ability to trust that I’ll arrive exactly where I need to be. That I’m already here.

Ohope Beach, NZ


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