The Joy of Vulnerability

I’ve said before that I’m unsure of how much I want to share of myself in this space. It’s scary and uncomfortable to be who I really am here, not knowing who is reading this and whether I can trust them with these parts of myself.

I’m the girl who will ask the questions in a conversation, diverting attention away from myself. I don’t tend to tell people much about myself unless they ask or I’ve got to know them better and feel comfortable volunteering stories unprompted. My reluctance to talk about myself comes from my own insecurities: They’re not interested in getting to know me; I don’t want to them to think I’m self-absorbed; I’m boring; I’m a weirdo; they won’t like me.

It can be easy to play a character at work, out with my friends, at home with my family; to be a version of myself I think others want me to be. It is so much harder to just be me, to even know who that person really is.

As I get older and have to put myself out there in the world more, I get a little braver about being authentic. This courage grows because when I risk speaking my truth, people appreciate it and respond in the same way. The rejection I fear, the judgment I’m trying to avoid – it never happens. Instead I hear things like “Oh, I feel like that too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!” or “it’s so refreshing to meet someone who is honest and real”.

There are lots of brave people in the world who practice being vulnerable, opening themselves and sharing their stories. They are able to embrace their fears and insecurities, their deepest needs and the wisdoms they’ve earned on the journey.

These people inspire and teach me what really matters.


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